Semi permanent hair straightening and smoothing

Magic Sleek & AGI ONE Semi permanent straightening and smoothing

We are dedicated to using the most amazing, safe, high performance products and continually asses the latest treatments.

Here are the 2 semi permanent brand/product options we are working with right now.

AGI ONE - Under thermal action, a film crystallises on the hair surface ( thermal crystallisation), homogenising and releasing even more conditioning agents into the hair. AGI One systems contains coconut oil for added hydration & incredible shine, & contains NO Formaldehyde. Each treatment lasts between 3-5months.

AGI ONE uses a unique technology that releases nanoparticles directly into and onto the hair shaft to smooth and condition hair. This dual action technology enables hair to begin repairing from the inside while creating a protective layer on the outside of the hair shaft.  Unlike traditional keratin treatments, AGI ONE is based on silk proteins and amino acids to aid the hair and its health. A key product feature is that it doesn’t contain any formaldehyde.

MagicSleek - The results of Magic Sleek can be tailored to our clients desires, either permanently straight or semi permanent curl and frizz reduction, the choice is yours. Magic Sleek is the most effective hair straightening system for damaged hair, it has been developed with many natural ingredients found in the Amazon rainforest; these components are rich in Omega 3 and Omega 9 unsaturated fatty acids, which offer nutrition to the hair.*