Hair straightening reviews

Hair straightening reviews at Straight and Sleek.

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"I had my hair straightened by Charmaine at Straight and Sleek and would have to say it is the best thing I have ever done for my hair. From the moment it was straightened I have not seen one bit one frizz or annoying wave, which is fantastic considering my hair always had a frizzy element to it. I used to spend hours ironing it and now I don't even have to blow-dry it, as its straight and smooth, even after swimming and showering it stays straight. I have had many people comment on my new hair and I have recommended Charmaine to many. I will definitely have it straightened again once this grows out, its worth every cent !"
Happy customer, Megan Stovin

"My hair was frizzy and wavy and only looked good after it had been ironed, which I am not good at so in order for my hair to look good I had to pay the hairdresser to iron it only to find the money down the drain the next day or so (or that day if it was raining!). I was recommended to Charmaine and really not sure about this permanent hair straightening service, but after my consultation I was quite excited about the fact that my hair would be frizz free and manageable. OMG my hair was completely different and yes no frizz or wave, I love it. My hair is very coloured and seemed a bit dry well now its in better condition than before, really smooth and silky. The only thing I regret is not having discovered Charmaine and her straightening sooner !"
Happy customer, Lisa McFadden

"I have been having my hair permanently straightened for years and as I have very frizzy hair and quite curly it has been life changing for me. I know that might sound ridiculous but when you don't have to spend hours trying to make your hair look neat and stylish by somehow de-frizzing it (which never really worked or lasted), you have a different life, one with more time get on with things rather than your hair. I have paid a lot of money to have straightening 2 to 3 times a year (often because my hair is so frizzy at the root area). The results were straight but my hair was very dry and still had frizz to it and needed ironing to smooth it, not long though compared to if it wasn't straightened. Then I discovered Charmaine and Straight and Sleek. The big difference to me was firstly that my hair condition became smoother and hardly any frizz factor, after I had my regrowth done, the ends were even in better condition than from the other straightening Id had, I knew straight away that the BIO-IONICS product was much more superior than the one I had previously. Second big difference was that in Charmaine's salon you are the only client, she works on you one on one, so that meant my hair was 100% cared for and monitored by her in every very important step. I wasn't left waiting for her once, and as she is a specialist in this field, every stage was performed to perfection, making me feel I was in very capable hands. Third big difference was it took about 1 hour less than the salon I usually frequented, as I wasn't left waiting and Charmaine is very quick as I suppose she does it all day. And the bonus after all that is that it cost me half the amount I had been paying for my straightening before, a very big bonus as straightening is a very expensive hair service and to make it more affordable is just awesome. Not much more to say but if you are considering Straight and Sleek, don't hesitate you will be looked after and your hair will be too."
Happy customer, Jacinta West